Protect your customers and your company with a "No Glyphosate" Certification from Green-i for your products. 

What is the “Green-i”?

The “Green-i” is symbolic of a protective, watchful eye, providing conscientious consumers with better choices for themselves and their families.


Our philosophy.

At Green-i, our goal is to support a marketplace where consumers have the choice to purchase glyphosate free options for all food and cosmetic products. Our business model is simple: provide a cost effective certification platform for companies committed to healthy choices for their customers.


Simple and direct.

All testing, certification and ongoing support are provided by Green-i for affordable flat fees. Discounted fees are available for product lines utilizing the same ingredients, and certification renewal services are provided for continued multi-year use of the certification.

Your company simply provides your raw or finished product for testing, and we handle the rest.

Helping you help your customers.

Our certification is provided at a low profit margin in order to allow as many companies as possible to provide their customers with trusted confirmation that their food and cosmetics are safe.

Discounted Services

To support our main goal of robust glyphosate free choices for consumers, we provide discounted or free certification services for qualifying non-profit entities.

Alternate Choices

We actively direct companies to alternative glyphosate certifications in the marketplace, to offer cost transparency and to help as many companies as possible offer glyphosate free products to the marketplace regardless of our involvement.

Green-i begins issuing certifications in Summer 2020. Please join us!